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Are you thinking of Exploring Karnali?

On 4th March 2022, for an Inclusion event, Institutional support field team prepared a documentary showcasing the tourism potential in Karnali province. Along with various places to visit around Karnali, the video also explained about the brief history linking to the place. Kupinde Lake, Baraha Temple, Khairabang Temple and Kacchuwa Daha are some places that one can visit when travelling to Salyan. The video explained how the debate among brothers during the period of Jaida Bam led to the division of a kingdom into Rukumkot, Musikot, Banphikot, Gotamkot and Jaharikot. Sisne Himal of Rukum West which is also known as “Murkhutta”, as depicted in many Nepali literatures. And if Syarpu lake of Rukum West makes it to your list, you can indulge in many recreational activities such as boating, fish farming and camping. Also make sure you plan your trip to Rukum West so that you don’t miss the Mayur Dance. One of the main attractions of Jajarkot is Jajarkot Durbar whose height was reduced from 7 storey to 4 storey in an earthquake of 1934. Rara Lake is the precious gift of Mugu and if you wish to immerse into serenity and recharge your energy, Rara is definitely the place to go. While Shey Phoksundo Lake is a very famous tourist destination. Other places that one can visit in Dolpa are Bala Tripursasundari Bhagwati Temple, Shey Monastry, Kanjirowa Mountain and Dho-Tarap Valley. In Dailekh, one can visit Kot Gadhi built during the Malla period which has 1,038 years old Saupal Adhai Shakya built first inscription. Another place of interest from a religious point of view is Sristhan Area which has the biggest natural fire flame in Nepal. When you finally arrive in Surkhet, be ready with a long list of places to visit such as Kakre Bihar, Deuti Bajai Temple, Clock tower park, Patal Durbar, Baraha Temple and Gothikada.

While the potential for exploiting tourism sector of Karnali is very much viable, the lack of infrastructure and initiatives to conserve these places are the biggest hindrance.