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Bailey bridge to be constructed over Mugu Karnali River

On 25th December 2020, the RAP3 MHLR team handed over to the Government of Nepal the UK Aid funded first 26km long section of the 67km Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR).  Some time back the government had planned to build a bridge across the Mugu Karnali River, but for various reasons has not been able to move forward with the construction. Considering this situation, the Chhayanath Rara Municipality has started the construction of a bailey bridge over the Karnali River. As this bridge is also critical for all year vehicle access to MHLR, RAP3 MHLR is helping them to construct about 920 metres of approach road on both sides of the river, to connect to the new bridge. In the presence of the general public on 17th March 2021, Mugu Mayor and RAP3 MHLR project field officer jointly organized an inauguration ceremony on both the upcoming construction of Bailey bridge and approach roads.

The Jalap/Rabi Chakra JV construction company, has been awarded the contract for construction of the Bailey bridge by the municipality. They have to complete the work of retaining walls on both sides before the water level rises in the Mugu Karnali River. Mayor has also stated that the Bailey bridge will be completed by the end of next fiscal year. The ward member of Chhayanath Rara Municipality, Mugu shared the bitter experiences of local people that even when they brought the patients in a vehicle to Rugha, the lack of a road bridge on the river meant the patients had to be carried to the hospital on their backs through the wire bridge (Tuin). Locals and the project had a difficult time on transporting goods and construction materials across the river because of the lack of a bridge, and the risk of transportation was much higher during the monsoon season. Now, the locals of Mugu and Humla are happy and optimistic about the timely construction of the Bailey bridge, believing that they will soon be able to make full use of the road.