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The bolero has gone for a service

RAP3 MHLR has been using two Hilux and one bolero for the day to day monitoring of project activities and the transportation of project materials, peoples and goods.

Our Bolero, nicknamed “Muffin the Mule” because it works so hard has gone for a long needed service.  This has meant that it needed to cross back over the Karnali river.  Crossing the river has always been a major challenge due to the water level of the Karnali and though there are plans to build a bridge at Mugu Karnali, this is still anticipated.

This year, the river is significantly higher compared to last year and it made it a very difficult for crossing the river. This bolero initially crossed over Karnali during January 2019 and has not gone back for full servicing. The bolero has been maintained by Mechanics traveling from Nepalgunj to the project site for minor cases. However it is time for the bolero to get full servicing. It was helped to cross over the Karnali river towards Gumgadi with the help of excavator. The Bolero will now travel to Nepalgunj for full servicing, but will need to be back in time to cross over Karnali again before the snow starts to melt around March resulting in the water level to Karnali rises again.