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Central Team Visit to Surkhet and Dailekh

The Central team visited MoPIUD Karnali Province, Infrastructure Development Directorate (IDD) Surkhet, three RMG sites in Surkhet and Dailekh and organised one-day Review Workshop of the Institutional Support Component during the visit.

The Institutional Component is planned to complete soon for which the team is coordinating with Local Government bodies for the continuity of maintenance works through Local Governments.  The team held a meeting with the new secretary of MoPIUD and the director of IDD, Surkhet on 23rd November 2021 and informed about the component’s exit plan. At the RMG sites visit, the team interacted with RMG members and provided recommendations to the field team for further improvement. At the review workshop at Birendranagar, Surkhet on 25th November, the team focused on developing a shared understanding of various aspects of Institutional Component, in particular, working with provincial government, local government, RMG and general public; progress review; discussion on lessons learnt – successes and challenges; and discussed exit plans, typically how sustainable asset management can be ensured.