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Cleanliness and waste management campaign in Nafa, Mugu

With the increase in the number of shops in the Chhayanath Rara Municipality of Mugu district, garbage has increased in the market area and a sanitation programme has been required because of a lack of proper cowsheds and toilets. RAP3 MHLR and PHASE Nepal coordinated with the ward chairperson and formed a sanitation and waste management committee on 8th January 2020 to increase sanitation awareness among locals in the Municipality. Along with the formation of the committee, it was decided to keep wooden dustbins in places, clean the market every Saturday and keep the toilets and cowsheds clean in every house.

Project field office and PHASE Nepal again facilitated a meeting with locals and the sanitation management committee on 8th August 2020. At the meeting, it was decided that every house and shop should manage its garbage properly and the public dustbin was also cleaned on the same day. At present, the committee members and the locals of Chhayanath Rara Municipality, Nafa is actively involved in the sanitation programme to keep their area clean and hygienic.