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Compensatory afforestation in Mugu section

As per the Environmental Impact Agreement and Cabinet Approval, 805 trees were stamped for removal in Mugu side (9 trees in Dashaiya Community forest at Improvement section and 796 trees in Chankheli Community forest). Due to improvements in alignment only 744 trees were required to fell for the construction of Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR). RAP3 MHLR project field office has started compensatory plantation of trees in Mugu section and this year only, we have been successful to plant 11 Bakaino, 1575 Gobresalla and 5925 Lekhi Salla in various community forests of Mugu. We collected tree samplings from the nursery of Divisional Forest Office Mugu and some trees from a nearby forests. As per the agreement, the plantation is to be done at a ratio of 25 new trees for every 1 tree felled within the MHLR road corridor.