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Continuous orientation in health and safety for our RAP3 MHLR worker

The RAP3 MHLR field team started our continuous orientation programme for our newest Road Building Groups (RBGs) from 19 November 2019 along the MHLR corridor. The team trained our workers on the RAP3 MHLR safety package, which focuses on safety at work, the proper use of safety gear, the daily checklist of safety equipment at work for group leaders, and the list of first aid items and their proper use in each group of workers. They are also briefed on health and safety information, wage payment procedures, personal and workplace hygiene, insurance policies and on the system of public audit after payment of wages. In the case of any accidents that occur at work, groups are also trained on the importance of maintaining accident record forms on a regular basis so that trends can be monitored, and safety improvements can be made. We have also instructed our staff to respect and protect local cultures and resources when carrying out any construction work.