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Contract Signing for the Design and Construction of Small Span Bridges along the MHLR corridor

A contractual agreement between RAP3 MHLR and Shankarmali-RIDARC JV was signed on 2nd December 2020 for the design and construction of four small span bridges along the Mugu Humla Link Road. There are four small crossings along the MHLR corridor for which an open tender was invited nationally on 3rd September 2020 for the design and construction of bridges over those crossings. The entire tendering was carried out through an e-platform customized and developed for RAP3 MHLR. Evaluation committee decided on awarding the contract to the Shankarmali-RIDARC JV following bid evaluation and clarification meetings. The COVID-19 safety precautions were strictly followed by RAP3 MHLR staff and bidders who visited the RAP3 MHLR Central office for contract signing on 2nd December 2020.

The total contract price (excluding VAT) is Seventy-Five Million Eight Hundred and Eighty Thousand (NRs. 75,880,000) and the contract completion period is the end of May 2022.