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DFID team field visit in maintenance pilot districts

The DFID team accompanied by DoLI, PC and RAP3 MHLR team attended some of the maintenance pilot districts in Karnali Province from 6th to 9th January 2020.  The team met officials of MOPID Surkhet, Gurbakot municipality in Surkhet and Shivalaya Rural Municipality in Jajarkot. The team also interacted with Road Maintenance Groups (RMG) mobilised under IDO Surkhet and also observed the Specific Maintenance Groups (SMG) site in that road corridor. Furthermore, the team has also explored issues and problems in RMG maintenance works, the importance of RMG works, functional status of Palikas and the support or requirements the area needs for its further development.

The overall field visit went well and the team got an opportunity to observe the situations and the MRPC pilot demonstration works in the field.