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Discussion Topic: Ensure women’s safety in the workplace

While there have been some recent improvements regarding the employment opportunities for women in Nepal, there is still a concern if they are safe at work. There is awareness that women face significant challenges in their workplace but many organisations lack systematic interventions that creates a safe working environment for women in Nepal.  Even in developed countries, the cases of sexual harassment are very high. The condition is worse in developing countries like Nepal where most of the cases are unreported. Many women are forced to endure and work under anxiety, depression, and lower self-esteem leading to the overall degradation in their physical and mental health and hence their productivity. There are organizations in Nepal who still do not have a department to report crimes against women as well as to educate the employees about sexual harassment. It is unfortunate that sometimes women are compelled to quit their jobs due to lack of legal protection in their workplace. In fact, gender diversity in the workplace really makes the organization a better place to work and, on the other hand, employment also benefits women, families and their communities. Therefore, every organization must discourage sexual harassment against women in the workplace and establish a department to educate workers against it and take action against those who commit it. Furthermore, the department also should ensure safety for women so that they will be confident to report when they are subjected to sexual harassment.


The above is one view of GBV, presented to promote thought and discussion around the topic.  The views expressed in the discussion topic does not necessarily reflect the views of the project or its team members.


RAP3 MHLR ensures a safe and equitable workplace for everyone working on the project. The RAP3 MHLR code of conduct clearly states that if there is any form of harassment or any attempt to harass, the project will have zero tolerance and necessary action will be taken immediately. In addition, RAP3 MHLR ensures that all project staff understand and comply with the project code of conduct, for which, we have an e-learning training course that is mandatory for all of our staff to complete within a given time. The e-learning training course includes various examples that make it easy for everyone to understand the different forms of violence and harassment that can be occurred at a workplace. At the end of the training, the staff are quizzed on the course to ensure they understood the contents. 

Furthermore, sometimes employees may not feel comfortable approaching the project directly for communicating with senior staff to share their problems confidently. To provide assistance during such a difficult time, we have staff representatives in each component who are always available to listen to our project staff and help resolve their problems. Therefore, any employee of the project can go to the staff representative and talk to them confidently if their work or mind is disturbed due to violence or any other reason at workplace.


If there is any sign of harassment inside your workplace - big or small - you should take action immediately and ensure proper procedures are in place to prevent it from happening again.

What are the various ways to make our workplace safe for women employees? Let’s discuss how we can play a vital role in promoting the safety of women workers in our organization.


RAP3MHLR is fully committed to safe working environment for women!