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Diversity and Inclusion Event by Institutional Field Team

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, last month, the Institutional Field Team held an event on ‘Home away from home—sharing memories, experiences, struggles and personal stories from RAP3 MHLR field life’ on 26th November 2021. The Institutional field team shared their happy experiences working on the RAP3 MHLR project, geographical struggles they encountered during field visits, problem-solving skills in dealing with local government and third parties, home sickness while away from family and their overall beautiful memories.  The team conveyed the message that the harmony, affection, care and guidance within the team members help to keep them happy and overcome difficulties along the way while staying away from home and family. It is a great honor to know the beautiful, challenging and inspiring field experiences of our hard-working team. We are also proud to see their inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging with each other at field offices.