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Encouraging nutritional practices to our workers in Mugu and Humla

Malnutrition has been a long-standing problem in Karnali mainly due to poverty and lack of awareness among guardians regarding nutritious foods. PHASE Nepal has been working in various districts of Karnali Province focusing on health and wellbeing, food security and other related projects to improve the condition of the population of Karnali. Similarly, RAP3 MHLR also provides on-site health services and related assistance to the MHLR workers and project staff through downstream partner PHASE Nepal in Mugu and Humla. Under MHLR, we raise awareness of health hazards (injuries and disease), how to avoid risks, and self-manage minor illness to keep our workers safe and healthy. PHASE Nepal team also strongly focuses on awareness programme on nutritious foods by promoting local food consumption to our workers. The health team demonstrates training on how to cook “Khichadi”— a very healthy recipe made with local rice, egg, lentils and beans. Our workers also cook Khichadi for their children and they encourage pregnant women, nursing mothers and children to eat Khichadi as a nutritious dish in their community.