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Farewell to Chen and Maiya

On behalf of every member of RAP3 MHLR, we would like to convey our profound gratitude for the hard work and splendid performance of our Office and Logistics Manager, Maiya Maharjan and Supply Chain Manager, Chen Pathmanathan over the years. Maiya joined the RAP project in 1998 as a Receptionist at RAP1 and continued to work till date at RAP3 MHLR as an Office and Logistics Manager. Maiya, feeling a little emotional and happy, she shared with us, “I have spent more than two decades of my valuable time for this project. I could not go elsewhere in search of better opportunities because I found this project to be the best fit for me. Honestly, I am a product of this project because I joined this project when I was a young woman and had no idea what I wanted to do with my career. Thanks to all of the opportunities provided by this project, as well as all of the wonderful and inspiring team members I met along the way of RAP journey. Because of this project, I was able to gain tremendous knowledge that has helped me shape myself as a strong and independent woman. I would also like to take this opportunity today to share that our Team Leader, Kirsteen Merrilees, is a great inspiration to me because she always chooses to stand out strong and unique even in a room full of male staff, and her work, great leadership skills, team management skills, and humble behaviour have always taught me to be a powerful woman. Living in a traditional Newari community was not easy, but the project’s inclusive nature, equal space for all staff regardless of gender, inspiring project events such as inclusion events, e-learning training, and our powerful female project staff from various backgrounds gave me an immense boost to my confidence and subtly challenging the patriarchal setting of our Newari community. I am happy and proud to have spent all of these dignified years with RAP3 MHLR family and I will always cherish all the memories I have made living with this beautiful and inclusive family”.

Maiya is people’s person and go-to person for the project. It has been a great privilege and an honor to have this powerful woman working for RAP with her great effort and determination.

Similarly, Chen started working on RAP3 in 2017 to bring a different perspective to procurement. He led the supply chain management transition from a transactional traditional procurement practice to a supplier relationship management practice. Apart from regular procurement of goods and services for the project, Chen supported to deliver service contracts with various parties and also led on e-learnings to bring staff upto speed on management best practices, compliance to FCDO supply partner code of conduct and also led on FCDO’s asset management and disposal. Chen’s respectful and humble demeanor, his great sense of humor, fun-loving nature and his unconditional support for the betterment of this project will be fondly remembered.

Best wishes to Chen and Maiya for their future endeavors!