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Farewell Programme to project field staff based in Mugu and Humla

With RAP3 MHLR reaching its final phase, we are progressively demobilising our valuable staff after the end of their contracts with the RAP3 MHLR project. On 1st July 2021, our project field team bid a warm farewell to 10 field staff based in Mugu and Humla whose contracts ran out at the end of June 2021. On behalf of every member of the RAP3 MHLR, the project field team organized a small farewell programme at Gumgadhi, Mugu. The project highly appreciates field staffs’ remarkable contributions at the ground level, which have allowed the project to achieve its goals. Many of these staff have worked in RAP from its initial phase and at the farewell event they expressed their gratitude towards project and also shared the lessons they have achieved over their years of service to the project.

Speaking at the virtual farewell event conducted by Central team, Madan KC, Main Storekeeper, shared that when he first arrived at his base station, Mugu, he had to walk in the snow and remembered his hard times due to remoteness. Looking back on those difficult days, today, he feels amazed to be able to go to the field in our project’s four-wheel vehicle and return to his residence on the same day. The other project field staff also shared their years of similar experiences and memories of working on the project.

The project has been able to achieve great success because of their hard work and commitment over the years. It has been a great privilege and an honor to have them working for RAP with their great effort and determination.

Best wishes to all of our field project staff when moving onto the next chapter of their lives!