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Fighting the coronavirus depends on you

As coronavirus spreads throughout the world, the RAP3 MHLR Team realised the seriousness of COVID-19 and took the decision to close our project work prior to the lockdown decisions made by Nepal Government. However, our project field team in various districts and central office, who were working hard to ensure our project and teams were prepared for the lock down, are now unable to leave the project site. We are making provisions so that they can remain safely in the current locations, with plenty of supplies.  We are hoping it will be possible to get them back to their families during this time but are aware of the importace of minimising travel. .

Our project is closed until further notice but work continues, with staff who are able to, working from home. Our office phone line remains open, and you can always reach us at Tel: +977 1 5549629 during normal working hours.

All our RAP3 MHLR team working from home are in good health condition. As the world is living in self-isolation, we RAP3 MHLR team are beating quarantine boredom by catching up with our team members  online everyday.

Our Project team would like to request everyone to apply preventative guidelines such as the now-well-known concept of social distancing. In addition, please strictly follow the following tips to save you and your loved ones from this deadly virus:

Wash your hands

Stay Home

Follow reliable health guidelines

Follow credible online news: Government/WHO

Boost your immune system

Try to stay calm