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First-aid Training to RAP3 MHLR Project Field Staff

The RAP3 MHLR Project field office, Surkhet organised a day long training on first-aid for the Province Support Team (PST) of five districts of Karnali Province: Dailekh, Jajarkot, Rukum-West, Salyan and Surkhet. The training was facilitated by Nepal Red Cross Society District Office, Surkhet. The training was conducted on 8th January 2022 to aware the project field staff about the medicines and equipment in a first aid kit and the method to use them properly. Certified trainers trained the project field staff on a list of first aid items and their proper use. The instructors provided both theoretical and practical knowledge on first-aid treatment based on the types of injuries. The training session also focused on treating patients and responding to emergencies, using bandages on wounds, transporting patients with fractures safely, assessing patient’s condition and also discussed about the overall incident management. After covering the theoretical parts of the training, a demonstration session was conducted to help staff understand how to handle situations during critical times. Furthermore, group exercises were done to provide participants with practical knowledge for enhancing the techniques required for dealing with first-aid emergency treatment on various types of injuries.

This training will help our PSTs transfer life-saving techniques when access to medical care and supplies is unavailable, as well as knowledge of first-aid items and their proper use to project’s Road Maintenance Groups and Specific Maintenance Groups in the worksite.