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First field visit of RAP3 MHLR central team to Mugu-Humla after COVID-19

RAP3 MHLR Central team along with project Team Leader visited the entire Mugu Humla Link Road (MHLR) alignment from 12th to 17th April 2021. The team observed field activities at various project sites and also held meetings with the field team in Mugu and Humla. The project Team Leader also visited Salisalla-Darma District Road (SDDR) and Gamgadi-Dhaina-Dhulachaur Road (GDDR) which were earlier constructed in RAP3 in Humla and Mugu respectively. During this visit to SDDR and GDDR, it was realized that few Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) should be mobilized in both of these roads in order to carry out the required maintenance activities at different locations. The Team Leader also had a brief meeting with the Chairperson of Chankheli Rural Municipality who expressed that they are also committed to the preservation of the road, SDDR and will allocate some budget for road from now on.


This is the first field visit of Central Team to Mugu and Humla after COVID-19. All the Central staff who went to the field strictly followed the COVID-19 safety protocols.