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First Four-wheel vehicle in Chankheli, Humla

The online news on the progress of the RAP3 MHLR project was published in the Karnalipati on 16th Sept. 2019 including few quotes from local people describing how happy they are with the project that has played a significant role in creating employment, women’s empowerment, and poverty alleviation at the local level. The news is worth a read and makes the RAP team feel proud of what they are doing.

The news contains slight information errors. The correct information is

  1. Total road length of MHLR is 67km, of which 4km is an improvement of existing road and 63km is new construction. Currently, the road has reached to Jacche, Humla.
  2.  Due to continuous rain, the road surface is muddy and slippery for which the RAP3 MHLR four-wheeler could not reach beyond Digapani. A few bikes were able to reach Melchhyam and Jachhe.