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First snowfall of the season in Chankheli Pass and Satthap

Some areas around Mugu and Humla have experienced the first snowfall of this year’s season. The snowfall in Mugu and Humla will no doubt continue in the coming weeks.  This will mean that the continuation of road construction work in the MHLR corridor will become much harder because it will be significantly colder for our road building groups. Our project field team will therefore assess the weather conditions and it is likely we will close the work for some days to ensure the safety of our RBGs. Our project field team are well aware of the dangers of heavy snow and slippery roads, and though our team will endeavor to clear snow off the track to keep the pass open, this will be done with the utmost care. RAP3 MHLR gives high importance to workplace safety for each and every employee who works for the project. Still, we also enjoy how beautiful the snow is.

Winter is here. May you all stay warm and healthy.