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Food assistance to project workers who are working in the midst of the pandemic

With the rapidly increasing cases of coronavirus infection across the country, the District Administration Offices of Mugu and Humla have imposed local prohibitory orders. With the increase in daily reported cases of COVID-19 in the region, the districts shut down all but emergency services.

They have also prohibited workers from working on project sites close to community areas while some Special Road Building Groups (SRBGs) are working on sites away from the community with the permission of local government. They are required to live on the project sites where they work and are not permitted to visit their families or enter any settlements. Since they are unable to travel to the nearest market, the project staff collected a list of all the food items and other essentials they need at their camping sites and delivered items to the respective groups.

The working groups are working happily without much concern and the project staff are in constant touch to receive updates on their health, work and other issues they may face while on the site.