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Harmony at the workplace—the art of success

RAP3 MHLR believes that the kind of environment our employees work in has a massive impact on how they feel and how they perform their job. We have a diverse group of employees from different backgrounds and cultures. The RAP inclusivity study in 2017 has provided evidence of areas where RAP performs well but also areas where we could go further to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. To help work on these areas, we have six activities planned for the next 6 months and the assigned groups will present an activity each month on the following themes.

  • Code of conduct, safeguarding and e-learning
  • RAP harmony month: Celebrating harmony
  • Bridging the generational gap in diversity and inclusion
  • Team building event
  • International men’s day
  • Mental health in the workplace

This month, the Bronze team performed a play that conveyed the message of how Harmony within the team brings a successful outcome. As the curtain raised, the stage revealed the characters— everybody was in an unusual get-up to their regular ones leading the audience to speculate what was to come. The story begins with a meeting in one of the villages in Mugu for the formation of Special Maintenance Group (SMG) to undertake the specific maintenance of the road. All the representatives were supportive to each other and the harmony at the implementation level  encouraged SMGs at ground level to work effectively within a team. All the recruited SMGs from poor and disadvantaged groups would execute their duty respecting each other’s differences. At the end of the play, the construction of the sustainable road made everyone happy demonstrating the more we build harmony and respect within the team, the more we are motivated to perform our duty effectively and continue looking for ways to achieve our goal. This was a great play with a strong message. Coming together and celebrating harmony is all about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging at our workplace.

Next month, Silver Team will have an event on “Bridging the generational gap in diversity and inclusion” The promotion of such activities at RAP3 MHLR is also about giving the platform for our employees to present their creativity and talents. We are excited for what the Silver Team has to show us the next month.