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Health and safety orientation for RAP3 MHLR working groups

RAP3 MHLR project field team organised an orientation programme for 4 new Local Road User Committee (LRUCs) groups from 14th Aug 2019 to 5th Sept 2019 along the MHLR corridor. There were altogether 1024 male members and 597 female members from RBGs, SRBGs, and drill groups who participated in the orientation programme. The newly prepared RAP3 MHLR safety package that focuses on work site safety, proper use of safety gear, the daily checklist of safety equipment at work site for group leaders, and the list of first aid items and their proper use method was distributed to each group. The LRUCs were also briefed about the health and safety information, the right way of using first aid items and also given a commitment letters to each group that contain wage payment procedure, personal and workplace hygiene, insurance policy, and the process of the public audit after the wage payment. In case of any accidents that happen in worksite, groups were also oriented about the importance of maintaining accident record forms in a regular basis so that trends can be monitored and improved safety implementation.