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How to close the generational gap?

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, this month, the Silver team conducted an event on how generation gaps can also be a hindrance, interfering with cooperation between the various age groups and creating disconnects between people. The team performed a short play that conveyed the message on how the seniors can play a major role to drive collaboration and understanding the needs of different age groups. The play focused on the value all ages can add in work and the effective way of communication to reduce conflict between generations. The team also conducted a quiz contest between young and old members. The audiences were divided into two groups: people below 40 and people above 40. The younger team were asked questions that were more familiar to the old age group and vice versa. The Older group won the quiz contest with an extra 30 marks. This was a great play with a strong message that learning can go both ways. Coming together and holding such an event is all about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging at our workplace.

Next month, the Gold Team will have an event on “Team building”. The promotion of such activities at RAP3 MHLR is also about giving the platform for our employees to present their creativity and talents. We are excited to see what the Gold Team has to show us next month.