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International Women’s Day celebration in Mugu

International Women’s Day was celebrated in our site offices as well as in Kathmandu.  RAP3 MHLR celebrated IWD 2020 with local women in Gamgadhi, Mugu. There was a discussion with local women to raise awareness about preventing violence against women, increasing gender equality, and discussions about women’s rights and the benefits of an equal society. Mrs. Bishnu Thapa, one of the member of LRUC shared that earlier, only men were recruited to work in construction work but after the implementation of RAP3 MHLR, she got an opportunity to work on road construction and it has given her an outside exposure which has helped to uplift and empower her in the village. Similarly, Mrs. Basmati B.K, team leader in one of the RBG expressed that this project has come as a guardian for the unprivileged Dalit women in her community. Previously, Dalit women like her were not encouraged to express desires to work in the community but now the project has allowed them to lead the road building groups. This and other inspiring activities brought by project into their village has made them believe that they are also capable to lead if equal opportunities are given. Furthermore, women from various LRUCs also highlighted their success stories and changes they have found after joining the project and also mentioned that they are fully committed to work for the growth of women in their community.

Women from various LRUCs, PHASE Nepal team, RAP3 MHLR field team including Ward Chairperson and other stakeholders came together to celebrate IWD 2020. The event was concluded with typical Deuda singing competitions with prizes to be won.