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International Women’s Day Celebration at RAP3 MHLR

RAP3 MHLR celebrated the 112th International Women’s Day (IWD) throughout its field offices with various interesting activities. RAP3 MHLR Central Office held an informal discussion session among staff to talk about the different gender bias prevalent and things we have done to challenge those biases both as individuals and as an organisation.

In the Institutional Support Component, the Project Support Team (PST) organised different events to highlight the significance of women empowerment and gender equality. The event included sharing achievements and success stories of our female workers, discussing challenges they are facing in the community due to remoteness and inequality and playing fun games along with gifts for winner. The event was graced with participation of RMGs, local stakeholders and other local people from the community.

MHLR Construction, organised a programme to mark IWD in Bama, Mugu which was attended by women from Bama and Panidhara LRUC including local people. The event initiated with a rally where participants carried placards displaying slogans of women empowerment. Social Mobiliser, Tara Baniya also showcased her motorcycle riding skills, which she recently learned, as a way to demonstrate how women can also successfully learn skills. Participants enjoyed many fun games and took part in Deuda competition. A similar event was organised in Bohorabada, Humla. While the women of Rugha, Mugu marked IWD event independently which is something different and definitely a positive change in the community. We hope that these women will continue to celebrate IWD event and their accomplishments in the community even after the completion of the RAP3 MHLR project.