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Keeping our virtual team together with an ice breaker

“One of the most valuable gifts we can offer our colleagues while working remotely is the opportunity to connect and collaborate. The “Recharge Your Team”, virtual team building event delivered exactly what its name suggests—the opportunity to recharge teams by strengthening connections.”

—Ayasta Pokharel, Safeguards and Compliance Engineer, RAP3 MHLR

In times of pandemic, RAP3 MHLR team members are no longer working next to or across from one another. They are no longer crossing each other’s hallways or leaving work at the same time. Especially in times of crisis, long-term homeworking and decreasing interaction of employees can pose various challenges to the productivity and mental health of our staff. Therefore, RAP3 MHLR organized a two-day virtual refresher event, “Recharge Your Team” on 2nd and 5th Feb 2021 in order to encourage our team members to interact virtually, to connect colleagues across Microsoft Teams, to keep our employees motivated, and to help staff stay fresh by offering various ice breaker games and casual conversations.

Our team members enjoyed the refresher event and it helped them regain some needed face time with each other. The ice breaker games gave them an opportunity to use the first letter of their good name and surname to introduce themselves through the two-word phrases that describe their personality. We also asked them to share a fun fact about themselves: two truths and a lie where other team members had to guess which statements were true and which was false and also, they were given the chance to submit some fun/interesting questions that they secretly wanted to ask their peers. Such virtual events at RAP3 MHLR stress the importance of taking breaks for our team members. Moreover, it is not only a fun social event; it also offers an opportunity to learn about the members of our RAP3 MHLR team.