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Locals receiving benefit from RAP3 MHLR vehicle

The absence of essential transport infrastructure in Mugu and Humla has obstructed people to get proper health care service. Especially, the poor have limited access to basic health care due to high costs, low availability of health service in the district, and lack of basic health education. RAP3 MHLR is working to provide access roads to these districts with the aim of improving access of rural people to economic opportunities and social services. With the newly constructed road, local community people have been benefiting from the provision of transport service from RAP3 MHLR vehicles (Bolero, tractor, bikes) in case of emergency health problems that require an urgent medical response. In various cases of emergencies, the project has been able to save the lives of local people living along the MHLR corridor. Also, in special cases, our project has supported in transporting the construction and electrical materials of school and community. The heart-warming responses in return from the local people is an achievement for the project to serve and save them during their emergency times.