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Masks distribution to RBGs in Mugu and Humla

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, RAP3 MHLR in coordination with PHASE Nepal team has distributed 4180 pieces of locally produced masks to our Road Building Groups (RBGs) and their family members. This provided masks to 747 different households in Mugu and Humla.  Our RBGs were taught to wash hands properly with soap and water before distributing masks and were also oriented about the COVID-19, its causes, means of transmission, signs/symptoms, and preventive measures. The locally made cloth masks (3 layered clothes) can help prevent transmission of the virus if used appropriately and as long as hand washing and physical distancing are practiced as much as possible. We hope that our effort in raising awareness against Corona virus will support our RBGs and local communities and reduce their chances of contracting COVID-19. 

Our team has maintained physical distance (2-3 metres) during mask distribution. We hope that, during this pandemic period, everyone will stay at home and maintain social distancing as much as possible to remain safe.