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Monitoring visit of District Administration office to MHLR corridor

Chief District Officer, Mugu along with his other officers visited the RAP3 MHLR road corridor from Gamgadhi up to Chankheli pass (3700m) on 22nd March 2020. The project field team assisted the visit and this visit was conducted before the Nepal government made the lockdown decisions.

The CDO appreciated the Road Building Groups (RBGs) mobilisation systems carried out by the project and also impressed by the politeness and willingness of the workers to obey social distancing rules while working on the road. In addition, he was pleased to see the work done by the project to promote women empowerment by giving them decent work opportunities and also the system of equal wage for all the workers irrespective of their sex, ethnicity, nor physical ability.  He further suggested that the modality of RAP3 MHLR is a good one and that all local levels need to follow this approach for achieving remarkable results.

They also observed the progress on road construction and also monitored the Bama Health post and help desk operated by PHASE Nepal. The PHASE Nepal team simply examines the fever of patients and if there is any suspected symptoms of coronavirus, the patients are immediately recommended to hospitals for further test.