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MOU Sigining Between RAP3 MHLR and DFO Humla and Mugu

MHLR has an agreement with the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation (DOFSC) that for every tree felled during road construction, the project needs to plant 25 new trees at the ratio of 1:25 and to take care of those trees for five years from planting. A total of 3,358 trees cut on Humla side means 83,950 new trees must be planted as compensation. Out of this, RAP3 MHLR has completed the plantation of 11,883 trees. In Mugu, the project has completed the plantation of all 18,600 trees that are required as compensatory plantation.

There is limited land available for compensatory planting near the Mugu Humla Link Road in Humla, which is mostly dense forest or agriculturally productive land, so it has been agreed with Divisional Forest Office Humla that they will carry out the planting on our behalf in other locations throughout the district. 

DFOs of Humla and Mugu will take over the care responsibility of the planted trees on behalf of the MHLR project. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between RAP3 MHLR and the DFOs of Humla and Mugu for the remaining compensatory planting and care taking of all trees planted. The MOU defines the total numbers and remaining care taking period of the trees along with the cost of providing these services, which will be funded by the project.