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The MRPC team organised a two-day induction workshop

Maintenance and Resilience Pilot (MRP) has been launched under RAP3 MHLR as a separate component from July 2019. MRP aims to strengthen capacity of provincial and local level governments for maintenance of roads under their jurisdictions, and support implementation of Provincial Transport Master Plan (PTMP) and preparation of Municipal Transport Master Plan (MTMP) in all 10 districts of Karnali Province. In order to execute field activities in a systematic manner, the MRP component organised a two-day induction workshop at Kathmandu office from 16-17 July 2019.

All field and Kathmandu based staff attended the workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to orient all staffs regarding the implementation modality of maintenance components including preparation of cluster wise annual plan, an exercise on the preparation of MTMP, and clarity on admin and finance-related matters. The induction workshop has been beneficial to initiate MRP activities in the field.