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Mugu, Humla—beautiful winter wonderlands in Karnali

Various areas around Mugu and Humla have experienced the snowfall of this year’s winter season. The extreme snowy weather has already made road construction work on the MHLR corridor more difficult and significantly colder for our workers and project field team. Our field team continually review the weather situation in the worksite and they only continue working if it is safe for everyone to be on the construction site. The field team has already shifted staff from Satthaple to Bama and Melchhyam areas, forecasting heavy snowfall in Satthaple and remobilised groups and machines for finalising finishing work in sections with less snowfall.  

Despite the harsh temperatures, the presence of snowfall with snow-capped hills and mountains in the dry winter is a splendid change of scenery in Mugu and Humla. Local people and kids of these districts view this season as a freezing winter celebration. They enjoy playing in snow, collecting drinking water from frozen streams, overcoming icy roads and strong cold breeze, and snuggling up next to a fire with a group of villagers. The exciting hills and meadows of Rara lake blanketed with snow are also a spectacular sight to behold.