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October inclusion event organised by Kathmandu team

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the third season of the Inclusion Event series has kicked-off from October 2021. First group from Kathmandu team held a Quiz Contest on 1st October 2021 where they presented a series of recreational and informative activities. There were altogether 5 rounds in the quiz covering general knowledge, movie, sports, music and project related information. The team is planning to announce the winner at a special upcoming event at RAP3 MHLR. In between the quiz, the participants also thoroughly enjoyed solving riddles shared by the team. Inclusion event is well appreciated among all employees since such virtual activities once in every two weeks bring everyone together for a fun-filled session along with some chit-chat and loud laughter.  

In the next event, the second group of Kathmandu team will present on the “Lessons Learnt from COVID-19: Based on the Experience of RAP3 MHLR staff.” We are excited to see what our team has to share on this interesting topic. Stay tuned until then.