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Orientation to Specific maintenance Group (SMG)

Province Support Team (PST) Surkhet organized orientation program in Salyan, Surkhet and Dailekh for newly formed specific maintenance group (SMG) on 10th -11th, 22nd and 25th Jan 2020 respectively. The objective of the orientation was to strengthen the knowledge and skills of SMG members for the maintenance of roads as per SMGs guidelines. The training was conducted at respective sites of three districts. Various queries and suggestions relating to maintenance works were discussed during the orientation session. Initially, there was a theoretical session later followed by tools and safety gear distribution. A total of 255 members forming 13 groups from three districts participated. Of these number there were 95 women, which contributes to a 37% of female participation. The program was chaired by the Ward Chairperson from each district, and the participants were encouraged to provide their strong determination of completing their assigned tasks on time. The training was facilitated by the PST Surkhet cluster on each district.