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Our project garbage goes to Doko Recyclers

For the past few years, the RAP3 MHLR central office has relied on Doko Recyclers to manage our recyclable office waste. Since the project signed a contract with Doko Recyclers, our support staff at head office have been segregating recyclable waste and disposing of it in separate bins supplied by Doko Recyclers. It is important to protect our air and water quality, as well as our overall green environment, and as a project we try to promote recycling whenever possible. It is important to think which waste can be saved from going to landfill sites whether it is paper products, E-materials, plastics or recycling old items. We can help to make a difference by optimising waste recycling to reduce energy consumption and pollution of the air, water, and land.

Donate or get paid for your recyclable waste by enrolling in Doko Recycler’s services or calling them at 9802044436 or visiting their website at

Thank you Doko Recyclers for your continuous effort to help spruce up our environment.