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Oxygen cylinders support to district hospital, Mugu

With the country facing a shortage of medical oxygen for a growing number of COVID-19 patients, UK aid-funded RAP3 MHLR handed over 50 cylinders of oxygen to the district hospital, Mugu on 30th May 2021. Before the project’s support, the district hospital had 30 oxygen cylinders. Now the hospital has 84 in total including 50 cylinders supplied by the RAP3 MHLR project and 4 other cylinders donated by the National Innovation Centre. Along with oxygen cylinders, other essential medical supplies such as high flow nasal cannula therapy devices, antigen humidification, flow meters and integrated heated breathing circuit sets were also handed over to the district hospital on the same day. Prior to this support, on 24th May 2021, the project had also provided other essential emergency medical supplies and medicines to Gamgadhi district hospital, local isolation centres and health posts in Mugu and Humla. The project has now delivered all of the medical supplies agreed upon in the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the district hospital, isolation facilities and health posts in Mugu and Humla.

After receiving the oxygen cylinders and other health supplies donated by RAP3MHLR, the Health Service Manager of Gamgadhi district hospital, Mrs. Karuna Bhattarai said that it is difficult to purchase medical supplies due to the lengthy procurement process involved but that with the increased oxygen supply in the district now, the district hospital Mugu is hopeful that RAP3 MHLR’s support will help them win the battle against the second wave of COVID 19 in Mugu and Humla.