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Pad making Training to Road Building Groups

RAP3 MHLR has signed a contract with Action Works Nepal (AWON) to provide training on the sanitary pad making process enabling easy access of reusable pads for Road Building Groups (RBG) members. As RAP3 MHLR employs over 2000 people from the local community to build rural roads, 50% of RBGs are women and menstrual hygiene is an essential issue that needs to be addressed. RAP3 MHLR in coordination with AWON conducted a three day training workshop at Bama from 5th to 7th September 2019.  50 women from 25 groups attended the training. The service provider along with the pad making workshop has also provided training on menstrual hygiene to the RBG members.  During the training, we asked individual woman in confidence whether they use pad/ cloth during mensuration and we found that 39 women out of 50 have never used pad/cloth in their life. After this training, we hope that these women will be able to make their own reusable pads that could enable them to maintain menstrual hygiene and ensure more income is generated through their regular attendance at work.

Now, the team will conduct the same 3 day training session in Luma (Mugu), and Bohorabada.(Humla).