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Professional Engineer (P.Eng) Title Award Ceremony

The second round of Professional Engineer P.Eng. (Nepal) title for senior Experience Route Engineers’ has been awarded to 28 qualified engineers who have achieved eligible milestones in academic excellence and sufficient professional experience  Organised by Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) on 21st June 2019. The event was attended by Honourable Minister Mr. Raghubir Mahaseth, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport including other important guests from MoPIT Joint Secretary Ms. Pramila Bajracharya, Dr. Simon Lucas from DFID, Mr. Keshab K Sharma, DG of Department of Roads and also from RAP3 MHLR and NEC.

The P.Eng title award was first launched in 2018 where 13 experienced engineers of Nepal were awarded this title in recognition of their achievements having demonstrated their engineering skills through their work. NEC with on-going support from RAP3 and DFID has played a vital role in introducing the Professional Engineer title for the first time in Nepal to establish and maintain standards of an engineering career and provide long term benefits for engineers being recognised, and competitive internationally.        

RAP3 has been a part of the reviewer’s panel in both batches to ensure that professional titles are granted to qualified Senior Experience Route candidates who meet the strict criteria. For getting the P.Eng. title award through this route, engineers need to have a minimum experience of 20 years in the engineering field and also have to demonstrate that they perform in accordance with 10 specific attributes that cover both technical and management aspects of engineering work.