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Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) Title Award Ceremony at NEC

The third round of Professional Engineer PEng. (Nepal) title for senior Experience Route Engineers’ has been duly awarded by NEC Chairperson, Er. Dilli Raman Niraula in presence of ICE Country Representative for Nepal, Professor Bharat Raj Pandey. The title was awarded to 20 qualified engineers who have achieved eligible milestones in academic and professional experience. The award ceremony was organised by Nepal Engineering Council (NEC) on 11th August 2021 and was conducted in compliance with the Health and Safety protocol of the Government of Nepal.

British Embassy Kathmandu and RAP3 MHLR Project would like to congratulate all qualified engineers’ and especially Dr. Er. Thusitha Chandani Shahi who is the first woman to earn the PEng (Nepal) title. We hope that the number of female engineers with the title of PEng. will increase in the coming years.

The PEng title was first launched in 2018 where 13 experienced engineers of Nepal were awarded this title in recognition of their achievements having demonstrated their engineering skills through their work. NEC with support from UK aid funded RAP3 MHLR has played a vital role in introducing the Professional Engineer title for the first time in Nepal to establish and maintain professional standards for engineering careers and provide long term benefits for engineers being recognised and competitive internationally.