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Public Audits Conducted in all Four LRUCs of MHLR road corridor (Rugha, Luma, Bama and Panidhara LRUC)

Public audits in all four LRUCs has been completed on 18th Sep 2019. The first public audit was conducted at Bamagairigaun LRUC on 11th Sep 2019 where RAP3 MHLR Team Leader Kirsteen Merrilees also participated and observed the whole event along with Safeguard Specialist Mr. Shankhar Pokharel. Similarly, public audits were done in Panidhara LRUC on 14th Sep 2019 and on 16th Rughamasta LRUC where Mr. Bishnu Ram Bista, Project Field Manager and other field team members participated. The final public audit for this session was organised in Luma Gurudev LRUC on 18th Sep 2019 in presence of RAP3 MHLR finance audit team along with field staff. The overall purpose of the public audit was to discuss and give feedback between beneficiaries, stakeholders, and project team on the design, delivery, quality of service, verification of payment received by RBGs and expenditures made by LRUC. In addition, the MHLR team also raised awareness among the beneficiaries about the essence of ensuring transparency in all activities and the importance of disseminating information and notices to the groups in time. This meeting was also useful to increase the sense of ownership amongst beneficiaries and stakeholders. The participants were given sufficient time to raise any issues, misunderstandings, concerns, and queries they might have and the MHLR field project manager and site manager helped to clear up all the issues and queries raised during the meeting. The public audit meeting with all the beneficiaries and stakeholders helped to understand, analyse, and improve the social and ethical approach of the programme.