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RAP3 MHLR opened 46-km track up to Satthaple

It’s full steam ahead for the initial track opening of the 63 kilometres new road construction , which will become the road stretching from Gamgadhi town in Chhayanath Rara Municipality (Mugu district) and Deuli village (Darma) in Chankheli Rural Municipality (Humla district). Currently, the track opening has already reached up to 46km at Satthaple and it is hoped that it will reach up to Melchyam by the end of June 2019. 23 SRBGs which were formed from the Humla side will be mobilised at different locations from Chankheli pass to Melchayam and will be responsible for turning the track into a fully functioning road. The progress on the track opening has made the people of this region happy and hopeful for the future.