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RAP3 MHLR received a letter of appreciation from the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (DCCMC)

While the country was facing a shortage of medical oxygen and other health essentials for a growing number of COVID-19 cases all over the country, UK aid funded RAP3 MHLR immediately responded by providing 50 cylinders of oxygen to the District Hospital, Mugu on 30th May 2021 along with other essential emergency medical supplies and medicines to Gamgadhi district hospital, local isolation centres and health posts in Mugu and Humla.

The District COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (DCCMC), Mugu organised an event at the District Administrative Office, Gamgadhi to recognise organisations for their generous contribution in fighting against the second wave of COVID-19 in Mugu and Humla. At the event, DCCMC appreciated the project’s contribution in the prompt delivery of medical supplies in Mugu and Humla and awarded RAP3 MHLR with a letter of appreciation.

RAP3 MHLR would like to express our gratitude to DCCMC, Mugu for appreciating our efforts and we are pleased that our medical supplies in Karnali have helped them in minimising the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic during the difficult time.