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RAP3 MHLR supporting PHASE Nepal to prevent corona virus infection in Mugu-Humla

RAP3 MHLR Project’s provides on-site health services and related assistance to the MHLR Road Building Groups (RBGs) members and project staff through downstream partner PHASE Nepal. It includes free primary health care and emergency treatment to RBG members through outreach services linked to health posts. Furthermore, under MHLR health and safety safeguards, we raise awareness of health hazards (injuries and disease), avoid risks, and self-manage minor illness to keep our RBGs safe and healthy. We are grateful that our RBGs are safe and comfortable in remote areas like Mugu and Humla where access to medical care is unreliable.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19 breaking out, understanding good hygiene and having access to medical professionals becomes an even greater focus to these rural areas. This is why we are so grateful to our PHASE team who have remained in the field, continuing to serve our local communities. Working on the frontline puts them at higher risk of infection but they have courageously chosen to continue and work hard to fend off the outbreak. We appreciate our PHASE Nepal health service team for their meticulous, empathetic, and compassionate attitudes who are vigorously working hard to make an extraordinary difference in their limited resources and healthcare services in a remote place like Mugu and Humla. The pandemic’s spread is creating new challenges for our health workers therefore, the highest priority right now is to prevent them from getting sick. Thankfully the team has secured food, N-95 masks, sanitizers, chlorine, and other important medicines in the project area along with PPE sets.

Our team have already been proactive in raising awareness against corona virus to our RBGs and local communities. Prior to the lock down being put in place they had run a number of workshops emphasising the importance of personal hygiene and social distancing. Additionally, PHASE Nepal has also prepared local masks (3 layered clothes) to be distributed in Mugu and Humla to our RBGs and their family members. We are distributing these locally prepared masks to 53 RBGs in Mugu section and 11 RBGs in Humla section. The RAP3 MHLR field team has liaised with CDO office, Mugu and local Mayors to obtain the movement pass for our staff to support the masks distribution.

To date, all our RBG members are in good health, both physically but also mentally.

We also hope you all are keeping safe and well during these difficult times. We remind everyone that proper hand-washing and social distancing can reduce the number of simultaneous cases of COVID-19. We hope that everyone can stay at home to support and protect our health workers during the coronavirus crisis.