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Road traffic safety orientation in Mugu and Humla

With access to roads now a fact in Mugu and Humla, the RAP3 MHLR field team conducted a road traffic safety education for our workers and local students to minimize the risk of accidents due to lack of experience in vehicles and road use. A total of 756 workers attended the road traffic safety orientation programme in Mugu which started on 5th March 2021 and similarly, 511 students from four different schools of Mugu also participated in the training. The same training was conducted in Humla on 19th March 2021 where 150 students from two schools attended the training. The informative education on road traffic safety provided the participants with information on how to be aware while getting in and out of a vehicle, how to walk on which side of the road, how to cross the road and how to teach the children to walk on the road. This orientation on road traffic safety is aimed to make participants aware of road safety and how to use roads and vehicles safely.