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Road traffic signs installation for safety on the MHLR Road in Mugu and Humla

The RAP3 MHLR field team has installed traffic signs on the sections of road between Gamgadhi and Darke which has already handed over and opened to traffic. They have also installed traffic signs on the section between Darke and Chankheli Pass which is now completed and due to be handed over and opened to traffic from June (if Covid 19 restrictions allow). Traffic signs include regulatory signs, warning signs and information signs to assist local drivers and protect other road users. The sign shown in the photo warns drivers that this section is a little steep and that they need to proceed with caution. To further support safe road use, the project field team also conducted road traffic safety training a few months back to raise safety awareness of local residents and children of Mugu and Humla about how to use roads and vehicles safely. Further orientation on safe driving, including the meaning of the recently installed traffic signs, is being given to transport operators and owners in the area.