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Safe and Effective Development (SED) training for project field staff

Safe and Effective Development training for our project field staff was scheduled from 29th to 30th January 2020 in collaboration with Project Coherence Unit, Surkhet. The training was attended by 29 participants from RAP3 MHLR and 7 participants from other DFID programmes.  The Safe and Effective Development training comprises components of “Risk Management”, “Do No Harm”, and “Good Development Practice”. The training aims to enhance understanding and capabilities on risk analysis and works on risk reduction measures to keep staff and project safe and effective.

Some of the major objectives of the training is to enhance and update participants’ skills in

  • Identifying potential risks from the current situation using Risk Management/Safe and Effective Development approaches.
  • Categorising the impact of risks for organisation and staff members
  • Designing risk reduction measures – specially by increasing acceptance including SOPs and contingency plan
  • Crisis and emergency management situation