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Shreenagar, Humla connected by road network

Humla is a remote district in Karnali Province — the only district without road access to the rest of Nepal. For most of the year, food has to be flown into the district. The absence of essential transport infrastructure in this district has obstructed people to get proper health care services and basic facilities. RAP3 MHLR Project is working to provide access roads to this district with the aim of improving access of rural people to economic opportunities and social services. Prior to the Mugu Humla Link Road project, RAP3 has built a 12.205 km Galfagad-Shreenagar-Kalikot District Road (GSKDR) in Humla which was later handed over to Adhanchuli Rural Municipality on 24th January 2019. Now, with the construction of the Karnali Corridor by the Nepal Army, GSKDR has now been connected to the National Highway at Galfagad, the starting point of the GSKDR. With this connection, public vehicles, trucks, and tractors are now carrying food supplies to the remote village of Shreenagar. Local community people will be benefiting from the provision of this transport service. In the absence of transportation facilities, people in Humla have been relying on mules to transport food and other essentials.