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SMG mobilising in 8 districts of Karnali Province

After the Post-monsoon Damage Assessment Survey in provincial road network (PRN), 64 worksites were identified on 12 roads in 8 districts of Karnali Province except Humla and Dolpa. About 36 Specific Maintenance Groups (SMGs) have been proposed with an estimated cost of NPR 36.82 million for specific maintenance work and SMGs are already formed in 5 out of 8 districts and the formation process is still ongoing in other districts. SMGs in Jajarkot district have already started road maintenance work from 2nd January 2020 and the ward chairperson appreciated the RAP3 MHLR working modality and expressed his commitment in a meeting with the DFID field visit team to support and cooperate in SMG work.

SMG pilot demonstration road maintenance works normally include gabion retaining wall, stone soling, and road widening in narrow road sections.