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Social distancing but not social isolation


 “I have attended only one inclusivity event but I found that everyone in the office is excited about such events. I think it gives everyone a break from their routine jobs and give some time to work on their more creative side as well. I also like that it brings all level of staff together, be it auxiliary staff or department heads, everyone worked together”.

—RAP3 MHLR, Senior Staff 

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, RAP3 MHLR has been organising a wide range of recreational and informative activities since 2019. The survey report prepared at the end of the year showed that the inclusion programme was very successful and that such events should be continued. But, 2020 is presenting new and unique challenges for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work and this also halted our inclusivity events for the first few months. However, we have realised that to help break the mental stress that the COVID-19 might have caused many of us, we need to set up a designated fun space on our ‘new normal’ schedule so that we can recharge our batteries. Therefore, we have divided all the project staff into diverse groups and each group now comes up with their creative and innovative fun activities. Such virtual activities invigorate our minds during this difficult time of the pandemic as well as help to build strong bonds, especially among the team members who do not work together and are based in different project locations. Every two weeks on a Friday, when all the staff come to watch the exciting and surprising event at 15:00, the platform now feels like a virtual coffee room where we enjoy some time together with chit-chat and laughter.