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Social distancing but not social isolation: inclusion event performed by support staff

“I did not have the opportunity to study or to spend that precious time exploring my inner talents. I wanted to be an actor but I could not risk my career in this field because I had to earn some money to take care of my family. So, I gave up what I wanted to be and focused on earning money. But today, as part of an inclusion event, I am happy to present my short play with all RAP3 MHLR team”.

 – RAP3 MHLR driver, Krishna Prasad Maharjan

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, RAP3 MHLR has been organising a wide range of recreational and informative activities since 2019. Due to COVID-19, our inclusivity event was briefly halted in 2020, but we decided to restart it to help break any mental stress that the COVID-19 might have caused. The team organised eight various activities over the past five months, creating a virtual fun space on our ‘new normal’ schedule so that we can all come together and watch the creative and innovative activities performed by our team members.  The final inclusion event for 2020 was planned to be presented by our support staff but, in the meantime, some of our team had to reschedule their event due to corona infection and that postponed the inclusion event of our support staff to 2021.

The support staff who were given the team name, “Mugu Group” conducted an event on ‘Hidden Talents’ where they demonstrated their talents in storytelling, dancing, singing, cooking, acting and more.  We have seen our support staff doing their day-to-day job, but aside from their life skills, we were thrilled and delighted to see the potential of their unique and hidden talents which we had never seen or known before. While presenting their show, some of our staff expressed that despite their desire to become proficient in their talents, they had to give up their dream in order to fulfil their family responsibilities. However, they are happy with the job they are doing for their living and they thanked RAP3 MHLR for providing the opportunity to present their hidden talents.

Conducting such events at RAP3 MHLR invigorates our minds during this difficult time of the pandemic as well as giving a platform for our employees to present their creativity and talents. Our team is now planning and preparing a range of inclusion activities for the year 2021 because coming together and holding such an event is all about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging at our workplace.